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La Mesa residents and business owners only want the best roofers to work on their project. You can’t get the best with any contractor out there. However, you get one of the best and most dependable roofing contractors with Gen819 Roofing & Solar.

We have 20 years of experience in the industry and have installed all of the major roofing systems. Couple that with our supreme customer service and it becomes clear why we have that five star reputation among our customers.

When something goes wrong with your roof, it’s important to take immediate action before any significant further damage can occur. Make sure any roofing repairs are addressed quickly with an experienced roofing company. With the help of a highly-knowledgeable contractor at your side, you can feel assured that the problem with your roof will be dealt with before damage sets in.

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Why Choose Gen819 Roofing & Solar For Your La Mesa Roofing Project?

Gen819 Roofing & Solar has a long standing reputation for great customer service and unmatched experience. We have over a decade of experience serving La Mesa and the entire San Diego area. We are locals and treat our clients like neighbors and family.

As a master roofing company, we have the distinction of being able to offer premium warranties of up to 15 years on all our newly installed roofs. Our team has a great deal of expertise in all types of roofing installations and repairs, so we are an easy choice if you want exceptional services at rates that you can afford.

  • We offer extensive warranties
  • Our company is employee-owned and operated
  • We work with insurance companies
  • We provide free roofing estimates

Residential Roofing

It won’t matter what roofing type you have. We have experience in repairing and installing all the major roofing systems available in the La Mesa area.

Sometimes repairs are not enough and a roofing system with severe damage will need to be replaced completely. Sometimes it’s just more cost-effective to replace than repair, so we provide our prospective clients with the information they need to make the right decision for them. We only use high-quality roofing products, guaranteeing our work will be above standard.

Commercial Roofing

Do you own a commercial building in La Mesa and have a need to repair or replace your roof? If so, then we also have the manpower, tools and experience to handle this type of project for you. We work with commercial properties of all kinds – apartment complexes, office spaces, retail spaces, etc. And we provide all types of commercial roofing systems such as PVC and TPO roofing.

La Mesa Metal Roofing Experts

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a roof that lasts longer than your house – to have a roof that needs little maintenance and repair? You can, with a metal roof! Metal roofs can pay off for years after the initial installation.

Our roofing technicians are highly experienced in installing metal roofs. We provide an array of metal styles, colors and sizes that will enhance the look of your home or commercial building. When you call us, we will come out and discuss with you the best metal roof for your building.

Why Hire Us For Your Roofing Needs

La Mesa homeowners and property owners want to feel assured that the roofing contractor they hire will use only high-quality products and offer outstanding service every step of the way. This is something we pride ourselves on at Gen819 Roofing & Solar. We are all about quality and attention to detail.

When we start a job, we pay special attention to all details and offer a highly-competitive rate for your job. With years of industry experience in roofing and solar products, you can rest assured that we take our job and your project seriously. Our reputation centers on offering high-quality products, superior workmanship and professional service that not many other companies come close to.

When you want premium quality, you get it with Gen819 Roofing & Solar.

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Gen819 Roofing & Solar is the company to call when you are in need of a reliable roofing contractor in La Mesa, CA. Whatever type of roof you want, we can deliver it to perfection. Call us now at (760) 420 0166. You will be glad you did!