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Are you looking to replace the old roof of your commercial building and do you need a new roof installation? TPO, also referred to as Thermoplastic Polyolefin, is the most common system used for commercial buildings in the Phoenix area.

It is a combination of ethylene-propylene rubber with a layer of polypropylene. The numerous benefits of the material are ranging from cost-efficiency to durability and make TPO the No.1 choice for commercial property owners across the Southwest.

From plate bonding to mechanical attachment, ballasting, and adherence, TPO roofing can be installed in many different ways. The type of project at hand determines the best-suited method to choose. In general, it is best to consult with a TPO roofing expert before you make your decision on the installation method and approach being taken moving forward.

In Phoenix, you will find us readily available for all your commercial roofing needs. We have over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry and our experts at Gen819 Roofing & Solar can give you a quick assessment of your specific needs and project without any hassles. We will make recommendations on what is the best installation method and material for your building and we will help you with all your installation and repair concerns.

Why Is TPO A Great Choice?

The benefits of TPO roofing systems are numerous. They are UV-resistant and reflective, hence, make your building warmer in winter and cooler in summer. TPO roofs lower the negative impacts of the heat island effect, reduce energy costs, and save energy. TPO does not degrade and resists exposure to ozone.

TPO is durable, resistant, and flexible. It is free from various common sources of damage, such as thermal shock, tearing, impact damage, and punctures. It’s highly resistant against mildew growth, mold, and algae.

Additionally, TPO is environmentally friendly and cost-effective due to the absence of chlorine, as well as the 100% biodegradable and recyclable material it is manufactured from.

Being heat welded, TPO roofing systems are up to 3 to 4 times stronger and more durable than ordinary roofing sheets that only depend on adhesives. Although the panels are designed to resist debris and dirt buildup, you can look forward to a low-cost maintenance plan. The plan comprises a bi-annual and seasonal inspection for an extended lifespan and optimal roof performance.

TPO is water-resistant and up to 120mph wind-rated. It cannot be damaged easily because of the strength of the materials used to manufacture the panels. Maintenance cost is very low and seldom required except in rare cases of buildups.

Many manufacturers provide extensive warranties on their TPO panels which covers almost a decade or more after installation. If you are are in need of a new roof for your commercial building in Phoenix, Arizona call us today! Our TPO specialists at Gen819 Roofing & Solar are looking forward to hearing from you.


Whether you are planning on roofing your commercial or residential property, TPO is a cost-effective solution for all circumstances. It resists algae, bacteria, debris, and dirt buildup, which makes it durable for decades, reducing the cost of constant replacement.

TPO is the most popular material among single-ply roofing membranes. The large panels help to make installations easier and faster. The requirement of fewer seams reduce labor costs significantly. Maintenance is minimal for TPO roofing panels which makes it the most economical option in the market.

The surface of TPO panels is smooth and clean which will provide your commercial building with a clean and professional appearance as well. The smooth surface also helps to prevent debris and soil buildup. Whether the installation method used is a full adherence or mechanical attachment, the heat welding promotes protection from leakage and ensures durability.


If you are worried about the health of the environment, TPO is the ultimate solution for you. The light surface color of the membranes reflects the sun and UV rays effectively which reduces energy waste through HVAC systems. TPO is free from chlorine and 100 % recyclable.

Very Flexible

It is easy to install TPO on either high, low slopes, or on flat roofs because of the flexibility of the membrane. TPO can be heated and reheated to conform to the shape desired. Your building can settle without any unfavorable impact on the integrity of the roof. TPO panels help to protect your roof from punctures and tears. The heat welding is done at 926 degrees which makes it long-lasting and strong.

Gen819 Roofing & Solar’s TPO Roofing Systems

From our vast knowledge and experience in TPO systems, we have discovered that it is ideal to apply a thick layer of coating to the membrane; about 45-80 mils approximately.

It is best to see the higher cost of having a thick coating as an investment rather than an expense since the benefits of a thicker membrane outweigh the higher price.

Applying a thicker coating is comparable to applying an extra layer of sunscreen before stepping outside. The UV rays are prevented from damaging your roof and the lifespan is extended.

Gen819 Roofing & Solar is a pioneer in TPO membrane waterproofing and a leading contractor in the single-ply membrane roofing sector. Call us today if you are looking for a roofing company with premium quality TPO roofing installation and maintenance services.

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