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Not so long ago the most common roofing system in the US were cedar shingle roofs. Then times and styles changed and other roofing systems like asphalt, tile, and metal roofs have become more prevalent. However, things are changing again and many San Diego homeowners are thinking about installing cedar shingle roofs on their homes again.

Cedar shake roofs are durable and they look beautiful. But they come with high maintenance levels and the fact that they are flammable and prone to wildfires, is the reason why the installation of cedar shingle roofs is restricted in southern California and the San Diego area.

Composite shingles, especially the premium quality products from CeDUR, which are class A fire resistant, can solve that problem and a increasingly popular solution.

What Are Composite Roof Shingles?

black CeDUR Shake roof in Rancho Santa FeComposite Shingles are synthetic products. They are manufactured by a chemical process that produces simulated cedar shakes and shingles that look just like what you would get from natural wood. Composite roofing shingles are also named faux wood and synthetic shake shingles.

They hold an appeal to many people because they have architectural benefits that real wood lacks, especially weather resistance, long-term performance, as well as great quality, and return on investment. The composite roof shingles of these days are aesthetically pleasing, very lightweight, and can be installed easily.

You will find many luxury homes throughout the country with polymer roofing shingles, known for their lightweight nature, durability, strength, and of course, amazing stylishness. Add that to their weather resistance and ease of installation, and it becomes clear why composite shingles have become one of the most popular roofing solutions available today.

If you are seeking the perfect roofing solution for your San Diego home, you should consider CeDUR; a synthetic wood shake with premium quality and benefits that is just perfect for your roof without having the issues and risks other wood shakes are associated with.

CeDUR is greatly suited for regions where other roofing materials can’t cope, including San Diego and southern California, which are areas prone to wildfires. CeDUR roofs are highly resistant to fire, water and high winds.

On top of that CeDUR boasts a natural beauty that indistinguishable from real cedar wood. With CeDUR homeowners no longer need to worry about rotting, splitting, fire hazards, and frequent maintenance.

CeDUR is the industry leader when it comes to premium quality composite wood shingles that look natural and perform outstandingly.

Benefits Of Composite Wood Shingles

There are many benefits connected to composite roofing systems that greatly outweigh the disadvantages. If you are thinking about using polymer composite shingles as your roofing solution, here are some advantages to keep in mind.

1. Longevity

One reason wooden roofs have continued to be used in the industry over the past century is that they are resilient regardless of weather conditions. However, on the downside, wooden roofs are prone to moisture which breeds mildew and molds which makes them bad for areas prone to high precipitation levels.

However, with composite shingles, there is no need to be worried about mold or mildew because the roofing materials are resistant to these issues. Even if you expose your composite roofs to all the elements, whether hot or cold, wet or dry, you find them standing with a lifetime of over 50 years.

2. Low maintenance

These polymer roofing materials require very little to no maintenance once they are installed on your building. You don’t need to do power-washing to clean them or use preservatives on them.

Also granules that you find on asphalt and fiberglass shingles and that can detach and clog your gutters, won’t be an issue.

Composite shingles won’t chip, split, twist, or wrap like wooden shingles do. You might not need to replace individual shingles ever. All these aspects make composite shingle roofing systems extremely low maintenance over their entire lifetime.

3. Fire Resistance

Composite roofs are highly fire-resistant, making them suitable for regions with fire-code restrictions such as California where homeowners are prohibited from using wooden roofs.

CeDUR roof shingles have Class-A fire resistance, so they are the best choice in regions with high fire risks and bans on wood roofs. Their fire ratings satisfy even the most stringent fire and safety laws states and cities can have.

Polymer materials cannot be burned, except when exposed to intensely high heat, which would burn any other material too.

If you are seeking the right roof to install in a wildfire prone area, look no further than composite wood shingles from CeDUR, since they deliver maximum safety alongside aestethics and longevity.


4. Lightweight Material

Composite wood shingles are lightweight and easy to support compared to heavier roofing materials like ceramic, slate, and concrete tiles. Rather than spending money on materials and installation costs connected to rafters, roof sheathing, and trusses, you can rest easy with composite roofs as they are lighter, have fewer construction needs, and don’t transfer much weight to the building and the ground.

5. Great Return on Investment

Composite wood shingles are a worthy investment because their benefits and longevity far outweigh the cost spent on purchasing and installing roofing materials.

They are long-lasting, meaning that high-end homeowners can relax knowing that the roofs will remain strong and can even be handed over to generations to come. Commercial building owners can also leverage the long-term saving benefits of these roofs and get them installed on their property.

6. Color Retention

Composite shingles aren’t prone to losing their color as time goes on. Instead, they maintain their original color for a long time. They come in a wide range of color options, and they maintain these colors after installation, regardless of the weather conditions they are exposed to. Whether you want them to look natural like new cedar or to look like weathered shakes, you can select based on your preferences and retain that look indefinitely.

4 different images of color options for CeDUR wood shakes

7. Weather Resistance

Composite wood shingles are highly weather resistant and don’t get damaged easily when exposed to severe weather conditions, whether heat, hailstorms, snow, rain and the like.

During storms heavy objects like branches can fall on the roof and cause damage easily. Even small objects like golf balls can cause holes and other problems on the roof.

Composite wood shingles from CeDUR have a Class 4 Impact rating that protects roofs from all forms of weather conditions and damage from objects as well.

CeDUR Shakes Appear Exactly Like Natural Wood Shingles

The appearance of composite wood shingles is so natural that many people mistake them for real wood. Their beautiful appearance makes them attractive to luxury homeowners and even commercial building owners.

Architects and builders love the polymer composite wood shakes from CeDUR because of their amazing appearance combined with the other advantages listed above.

The original appearance of these roofing materials is because of the high-quality manufacturing process leveraged by CeDUR that helps them mold each shake out of real wood and deliver that beauty while improving your home’s appeal and the value of your property.

CeDUR shakes are molded from natural cedar shakes during the proprietary state of the art process of the manufacturer. Their design looks just like freshly split heavy cedar shakes and they provide that classic wood beauty that makes your home stand out while saving you the maintenance and headaches that come with real wood or similar roofing materials.

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Synthetic composite roofs are a durable, beautiful, and flexible alternative to real wood shingles. If you are a homeowner in the San Diego area with a preference for wooden roofs and you don’t want to have the associated risks that come with them, then call Gen819 Roofing & Solar today!

We have more than 15 years of experience in installing high-quality decorative shingles and we have built close relationships with the manufacturers of these products over the years.

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