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Are You Fed Up With The High Costs Of Energy?

Over the last 15 years, homeowners in Vista and the San Diego area have been able to save a lot of money on their utility bills with the solar energy solutions installed by Gen819 . Gen819 Roofing & Solar has a unique set of industry experts. We cover expertise in solar and roofing like few others do.

We take a holistic approach, looking at roof materials in combination with solar PV and possibly energy storage add on solutions.

Get in touch today with our Solar specialists at Gen819 and learn how you can start to make savings on your energy bill.

The Advantages of Solar Power

Solar energy provides a clean, renewable energy solution that does not depend on the power grid. With solar energy, you are no longer compelled to put up with the incessant increase in energy rates by the utility companies.

Enjoy Incentives and Rebates

Do you know that whether you pay cash or use a financing solution, you can enjoy tax incentives on solar panels and energy storage? You can simply choose a no-down-payment loan and enjoy low-interest financing for your solar panel installation. You can also use the net metering program to trade energy with the utility company.

Gen819 Energy Storage Solutions

Since solar energy is only available during the daytime, we provide you with cutting-edge battery backup solutions that make sure you have power around the clock. So, whenever the power grid is down, your home will be powered all day and through the night.

Why Choose A Roofing Company for Solar Panel Installations?

Since the solar panels are installed on the roof for maximum exposure to sunlight, it is essential to check the condition of the roof first. Installing solar panels on an aging roof would only lead to complications. That is where our expertise comes into play.

Solar energy installation companies that do not have knowledge of roofing cannot do an excellent job. They may claim to repair a section of the aging roof before the installation, only to cause problems in the future. Even worse, their actions may void your roof warranty!

Having served the San Diego community since 2008, we have the expertise, experience, and technical competence you can trust for any roofing-related project.

Given our extensive experience, we make the best recommendation to make sure your roof is ready to carry the solar panels without any complications. Our roofing and solar specialists handle your solar installations correctly, without messing up your roof.

Maintenance & Repair Solutions

Our solar panels are durable and reliable. However, just like every other piece of equipment, it needs regular maintenance to make it work optimally and enhance its durability. That is why our company also offers maintenance services for residential solar power installations.

A solar installation that is not working optimally needs maintenance to upscale its performance. In case you need to replace your roof, our team of experts will carefully remove the solar panels, handle the required roof replacement, and reinstall the panels. We are a full-service company that handles all tasks related to solar energy to perfection. Get in touch with us today, our team of experienced installers is on standby to provide the solar energy solution you need.

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Gen819 Roofing & Solar is the company to call when you are in need of a reliable solar energy contractor in Vista and the entire San Diego County area. Whatever type of solar energy solution you want, we can deliver it to perfection. We handle both residential and commercial solar panel installations. Call us now at (760) 420 0166. You will be glad you did!