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For over 50 years, thermoplastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has been the most popular commercial roofing solution in San Diego, remaining the best solution for businesses looking to achieve energy efficiency and sustainability with flat and low-slope roofs. PVC consists of UV stabilizers, plasticizers, base resin and fiberglass mats to ensure enforcement and is considered as an extremely effective and practical roofing solution.

PVC Overall Effectiveness

One of the best things about PVC roofing is its longevity, as it’s a recyclable material that is heated and formed again into new roofing membranes after it has been removed from an old roof. PVC costs less to manufacture and has a lower shipping impact than other roofing materials. If you’re looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly roofing material, PVC is the material to go with.

Here are some of the reasons why so many commercial roofing companies choose PVC roofing for their clients:

  • Outstanding fire ratings
  • UV light degradation resistance
  • Withstands a wide array of weather elements
  • Easy to maintain
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Why Choose Gen819 Roofing & Solar For Your San Diego PVC Roofing Project?

Gen819 Roofing & Solar has a long standing reputation for great customer service and unmatched experience. We have over a decade of experience serving the entire San Diego area. We are Vista locals and treat our clients like neighbors and family.

As a master commercial roofing company, we have the distinction of being able to offer premium warranties of up to 15 years on all our newly installed PVC roofs. Our team has a great deal of expertise in all types of roofing installations and repairs, so we are an easy choice if you want exceptional services at rates that you can afford.

  • We offer extensive warranties
  • Our company is employee-owned and operated
  • We work with insurance companies
  • We provide free roofing estimates

PVC roofing membranes have been designed to meet a certain durability and strength, ensuring they surpass the ASTM’s minimum strength requirements. According to ASTM regulations, roofing membranes must have a minimum of 200lbs per square inch of breaking strength. However, PVC membranes are known to surpass 350lbs per square inch of breaking strength.

Businesses want to ensure the roof they have installed onto their buildings will keep things cool, and PVC contains thermal emittance values and high-solar reflectance. Due to its surface, it can reflect up to 80 percent of the UV rays. This helps lower building cooling costs as the building maintains a cooler temperature. In essence, PVC roofing helps to reduce your San Diego business’ carbon footprint.

2 Primary Ways To Install PVC Roofing

If PVC roofing material is to last its longevity, it must be correctly installed. Improper installation will cause premature failing and aging (and has nothing to do with the material itself). Though there are several ways in which to install PVC roofing in San Diego, the two most common include:

  • Fully-adhered – With this method, an adhesive is used to attach the PVC membrane to the substrate and is suggested when fasteners or screws won’t work with the roof deck (such as concrete). With this method, the roofing must be completely attached along the perimeter to withstand the wind. A drawback to this method is installing during poor or cold weather will cause the adhesive not to bond to the substrate, leading to failure.
  • Mechanically attached – This installation method uses barbed plates and heavy-duty screws that keep the membrane tightly on the substrate. It’s recommended that this installation method be used in places where high winds are a possibility.

5 Key Reasons To Consider A PVC Roof

When it comes to PVC roofing membrane, there are many reasons to consider it over other choices.

Durability – The material can withstand an array of stressors that include shifting land, water, wind, extreme temperatures and more, but the most commonly-heard reasons relate to durability:

  • Hot-air welded seams– Using heat causes a permanent and strong watertight seal, ensuring no other adhesives are necessary.
  • Waterproof –PVC membranes are water-resistant, even when conditions are extreme such as pooled water, extreme temperatures, bacterial and fungal exposure, etc.

Aesthetics – PVC is flexible when it comes to aesthetics, with its many customizable finished looks:

  • Color – Although PVC membranes come in white, color pigments can be added to the vinyl resin in the production process, giving it the color and texture you want.
  • Green roofs –PVC membranes are typically used for a waterproof laying with a green rooftop in part to the hot-air welded seams that can keep water from penetrating the roof.
  • Layout –PVC is flexible enough to be customized to the different roof curves, shapes and layouts. Even for roofs with several penetrations, PVC can produce tight, waterproof seams that withstand heat, moisture and movement. You can also incorporate designs into the roof by using a hot-air welding tool to affix them to the membrane.

Fire-Resistant – PVC production uses fire-resistant raw materials, and according to fire tests, the membranes can self-extinguish once the flame source has been removed.

Energy-Efficient – Building owners tend to choose reflective vinyl roofing membranes as they can limit the amount of energy consumed and, in effect, reduce the electric bill. The carbon footprint is also less. PVC roofs are usually Energy-Star compliant and LEED-credited.

 Cost-Efficient – Vinyl roofing has a longevity of 20+ years and is quite reliable in protecting buildings in San Diego from damage. Little to no maintenance is necessary, especially if an inspection is conducted two times a year to make sure the roof is appropriately draining and any areas damaged are immediately repaired. Overall, the lifetime costs are much less, between the energy saved and the little need for maintenance.

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