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When well taken care of, flat roofs can last up to 35 years, but they must first be installed and maintained by certified professional roofers with current industry knowledge to choose the right products and techniques to use. By doing so, you can feel secure in knowing that your roof will hold up against the elements for many years to come.

When you look for a San Diego flat roofing repair and installation company, you want a company with experience and insurance if something happens. You also want one that guarantees that your roof will retain its shape.

When Is The Right Time To Replace Your San Diego Flat Roof?

When it comes to roof replacement, a few key indicators dictate that a roof replacement is necessary. These indicators include:

  • Development of tears, cracks, material separation, etc.
  • Pooling or standing water
  • Dark stains due to pooled water
  • Difficult to find and repair roof leaks
  • Failing materials
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Why Choose Gen819 Roofing & Solar For Your San Diego Flat Roofing Project?

Gen819 Roofing & Solar has a long standing reputation for great customer service and unmatched experience. We have over a decade of experience serving the entire San Diego area. We are Vista locals and treat our clients like neighbors and family.

As a master commercial flat roofing company, we have the distinction of being able to offer premium warranties of up to 15 years on all our newly installed flat roofs. Our team has a great deal of expertise in all types of roofing installations and repairs, so we are an easy choice if you want exceptional services at rates that you can afford.

  • We offer extensive warranties
  • Our company is employee-owned and operated
  • We work with insurance companies
  • We provide free roofing estimates

What Materials Are Needed For A Flat Roof Installation 

The installation of most flat roofs begins with insulation and plywood, but the outer material used is dependent on three things:

  • What you want the roof to look like
  • How it’ll be used
  • How much money you’re willing to spend

The finish of a flat roof could be:

Most people choose metal sheeting and plastic and rubber membranes as they can reflect heat, resist water and are very durable.

What’s The Cost Of A Flat Roof Replacement?

Every home is different, which means the cost of a flat roof replacement will also vary. If any underlying wood must be repaired, the cost will also increase. The replacement materials chosen will also affect the cost. If you need a replacement roof, it’s best to seek a free quote to get the process started.

How Does The Quote Process Work Typically?

  • Reach out to each roofing company you are considering. Many have an online form you can use that will then offer you a fully-remote quote within a couple of days.
  • Afterward, a free on-site inspection will occur to ensure the project’s total cost before moving forward with the next step.
  • Once you are satisfied with the quote, you work with the roofers to choose the materials that will work for your roof. Be sure to find a manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on their products.
  • Finally, the company will secure city permits and get a deposit from you. The roof replacement job will usually last for several days, weather dependent.

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