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Select a reliable commercial roofing contractor if you need repairs for leaks, water damage, or general degradation. To ensure minimal interference with your daily operations, we will come out to fix any leaks and address any water damage.

Avoid Putting Off Minor Roof Repairs

It’s easy to overlook the roof’s condition of your building. It is not as noticeable as the other parts of your structure. However, even a small roof leak can compromise the safety of your building and cause major disruptions to your daily operations. The earlier you take care of critical commercial roof repairs, the less likely it is that a minor issue will escalate into a major emergency, which might then lead to the need for complete commercial roof replacement.

Age, inclement weather, environment, foot traffic, and industrial elements like chemical exhausts or excessive temperatures can all contribute to the deterioration of commercial roofs. It is essential to your roof’s longevity and minimal deterioration that you know your individual roofing needs and keep up with repairs that are required.

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Why Choose Gen819 Roofing & Solar For Your Commercial Roof Repair?

Gen819 Roofing & Solar has a long standing reputation for great customer service and unmatched experience. We have over two decades of experience serving the entire San Diego area. We are locals and treat our clients like neighbors and family.

As a master commercial roofing company, we have the distinction of being able to offer premium warranties. Our team has a great deal of expertise in all types of commercial roof installations and repairs, so we are an easy choice if you want exceptional services at rates that you can afford.

  • We offer extensive warranties
  • Our company is employee-owned and operated
  • We work with insurance companies
  • We provide free roofing estimates

Most Common Commercial Roof Issues We Repair

Leaking Roofs

Water damage to your building and roof assembly can be reduced by promptly fixing any active leaks. The loss of merchandise and equipment could come from mold growth caused by even a single roof leak. Customers and workers may feel less secure as a result.

Ponding Water

Get rid of any water that is ponding or standing on your roof. Ponding water frequently results from blocked gutters or drains, which stop the water from correctly draining off the roof.

Roof Blow-offs and Wind Damage

Roof blow-offs, either partial or complete, are common during high-wind events. In addition, they might cause a roof membrane to separate, which isn’t always obvious to the untrained eye. As a result, the integrity of the roof as a whole deteriorates.

Cracking Or Punctures

Water may seep through your roof if the membrane’s integrity is damaged. Small holes or fissures on your roof brought on by machinery, foot activity, or debris may go unnoticed by the untrained eye until there is obvious water damage.


Exposure to some substances may degrade your roof’s surface.

Membrane Breakdown and Scrim Exposure

Especially in older roofs, membrane breakdown, and exposed scrim from wear and strain can lead to water penetration and leaks.

Failure Or Damage To The Flashings

Where it was flashed, the roof membrane may break away, enabling water to seep through and cause an active roof leak. The causes of this include changes in temperature, aging, and weather-related membrane expansion and contraction.


Debris and other foreign items on a roof can cause punctures and tears in the roof membrane and block the water from draining properly.

Concerned About Possible Roof Damage at Your Commercial or Industrial Building?

If you suspect a problem with the roof of your commercial or industrial building, you should arrange for a commercial roof inspection. You can trust Gen819 Roofing & Solar to inspect your roof thoroughly and let you know if there is any damage that needs fixing.

The Advantages of A Preventative Commercial Roof Inspection

Our commercial roofing repair experts can evaluate your roof and provide you with an accurate assessment of its current state. Without the right knowledge and equipment, spotting water seepage or roof damage can be difficult.

Inspecting a business roof entails:

  • Photographs
  • Complete Written Report
  • Repairs and replacements that won’t break the ban
  • Insurance claim roof inspections and cost estimates

Based on our findings, we will advise you on how best to address your existing roofing needs and let you know if any servicing or repairs may be performed. In addition, we will work with you to create a cost and time frame that is unique to your company’s requirements.

Get Peace Of Mind With Gen819 Roofing and Solar

When it comes to meeting the demands of our clients, we are committed to going above and beyond in terms of quality of service, materials used, and attention to safety. If you hire us, we’ll make sure all the necessary repair work for your commercial roof gets done promptly. After the conclusion of your project, we will check in with you to make sure that all of the repairs we made were successful.

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